Regional Action Group

The Regional Action Group is a multidisciplinary ASTO team that brings together actors operating in the tourist destination and who share interests in various fields of the tourism sector. It is promoted with the following purposes:

- To serve as a forum to promote discussion and reflection on topics, actions, initiatives, and projects of common interest related to the measurement and monitoring of tourist destination sustainability;

- To reflect on the development of methodologies and solutions that can improve collaboration between stakeholders and support these initiatives with concrete results to the destination;

- To support players in the tourism sector to develop actions that contribute to the sustainable development of the destination;

- To encourage the exchange of experiences;

- To positively defend the monitoring of the tourist destination in line with the objectives and principles of the development of sustainable tourism, within the regional, national and international strategic framework established by the tourism authorities.

- To ensure the sector's permanent commitment to regular monitoring of the tourist destination.